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Advanti Racing

Advanti Racing 96S Torcere

Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
96S-TO0150842FS Flash Silver 20 10 5x108 42 Call Request Quote
96S-TO0151435FS Flash Silver 20 10 5x114.3 35 Call Request Quote
96S-TO0151442FS Flash Silver 20 10 5x114.3 42 Call Request Quote
96S-TO0152035FS Flash Silver 20 10 5x120 35 Call Request Quote
96S-TO0152042FS Flash Silver 20 10 5x120 42 Call Request Quote
96S-TO0952030FS Flash Silver 20 9 5x120 30 Call Request Quote
96S-TO9952045FS Flash Silver 19 9.50 5x120 45 Call Request Quote

The TORCERE is a uniquely crafted, split 5 spoke design that is combined with elegance and performance. The TORCERE has been developed utilizing Advanti Racing’s unique DST, Flow Forming Technology process and is available in many popular fitments and applications.

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You're reviewing: ADVANTI RACING 96S TORCERE

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