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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
1885ASN255120B72 MATTE BLACK W/MACHINED DARK TINT LIP 18 8.50 5x120 25 Call Request Quote
2085ASN255120B72 MATTE BLACK W/MACHINED DARK TINT LIP 20 8.50 5x120 25 Call Request Quote

Alston is the first Redbourne wheel developed specifically for off-road use. The Redbourne Alston wheel utilizes a strong five-spoke layout that is further accentuated by deep, angular spoke accents and features an aggressive concave profile. In addition to a 20x8.5 size, the Alston off-road Land Rover wheel is offered in 18x8.5 to allow for a larger tire sidewall necessary for off road performance; a first for Redbourne Wheels. Standard finish for the Alston is Matte Black with Machined Dark Tint Lip.

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