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TSW Kemora

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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
1805KMA255114G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 10.50 5x114.3 25 Call Request Quote
1805KMA355112G66 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 10.50 5X112 35 Call Request Quote
1810KMA255120G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 10 5X120 25 Call Request Quote
1880KMA355114G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 8 5x114.3 35 Call Request Quote
1880KMA425108G72 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 8 5x108 42 Call Request Quote
1885KMA355114G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 8.50 5x114.3 35 Call Request Quote
1885KMA355120G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 8.50 5X120 35 Call Request Quote
1885KMA385100G72 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 8.50 5X100 38 Call Request Quote
1890KMA225120G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9 5X120 22 Call Request Quote
1890KMA455112G66 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9 5X112 45 Call Request Quote
1895KMA225112G66 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9.50 5X112 22 Call Request Quote
1895KMA255114G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9.50 5x114.3 25 Call Request Quote
1895KMA385100G72 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9.50 5X100 38 Call Request Quote
1895KMA385114G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9.50 5x114.3 38 Call Request Quote
1895KMA385120G76 MATTE GUNMETAL 18 9.50 5X120 38 Call Request Quote

The TSW Kemora wheel features a motorsports inspired 10 spoke design with a concave wheel profile that retains maximum brake caliper clearance. Kemora is exclusively engineered and manufactured in 18 inch sizes with widths ranging from 18x8 to 18x10.5 for an optimal strength and weight combination for the street or track. Standard finishes for the TSW Kemora are Gloss Gunmetal and an all-new Gloss Dark Blue.

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