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MACH V design is now available in our signature hidden lug Cover-Loc series. The timeless split five spoke can now utilize the full selection of Cover-Loc center nuts, ranging from 3-Bar KO's to low profile center nuts.
Shown here in a smooth lip rim, which expands the center design for a larger look, and optional silver ceramic paint for a contrast finish.
Each custom Cover-Loc wheel is precisely CNC machined from forged billet aluminum for lightweight strength, refined style, and meticulously hand finished to levels that are second to none.
D.Concave profile wheels offer a different fitment range from our original / standard (convex) or s.concave profile wheels. They’re ideal for neutral to low backspaces and wide wheel applications. Back-space / offset choices available in 1/8 inch increments for precision fitments.
American Made Quality, by Design!

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You're reviewing: SCHOTT MACH V D.CONCAVE

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