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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
7015705046GG GLOSS GOLD 15 7 5x100 15 Call Request Quote
7015705046SB SATIN BLACK 15 7 5x100 15 Call Request Quote

The Ricochet features a modern, rally-inspired 12 spoke design that is strong, lightweight, and optimizes wheel position for the fitment of larger and more aggressive tires. The "15x7” version is available in 5x100 bolt pattern with Subaru specific fitments. The Ricochet yields very high load ratings and comes in an all-new Satin and Gloss Gold finishes, as well as our classic Satin Black offering. In traditional ICON Alloys fashion, the new Ricochet wheel has not only been engineered to enhance the overall look of your vehicle but the handling and performance as well. With looks and build features such as these, it's clear that a set of ICON Alloys 'Ricochet' wheels is the perfect addition to your Crossover (CUV).

You're reviewing: Icon Alloys Ricochet - 15in


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You're reviewing: ICON ALLOYS RICOCHET - 15IN

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