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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
3217856350BS Satin Brass 17 8.50 6x135 6 Call Request Quote
3217856350SB Satin Black 17 8.50 6x135 6 Call Request Quote
3217857345BS Satin Brass 17 8.50 5x5 -6 Call Request Quote
3217857345SB Satin Black 17 8.50 5x5 -6 Call Request Quote
3217858347BS Satin Brass 17 8.50 6x5.5 0 Call Request Quote
3217858347SB Satin Black 17 8.50 6x5.5 0 Call Request Quote

ICON Alloys is proud to introduce our latest wheel design, the ‘Compass’. Featuring a modern 8-spoke design, sharp lines, a vented rock ring, and "ICON-optimized" dimensions, this new wheel is not only designed to improve the looks of your Jeep, truck, or SUV, but the overall function as well. Available in all-new Satin Brass and classic Satin Black finishes, the Compass has a style that is anything but ordinary.;Staying true to the ICON Alloys approach, the 17” Compass has been engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for un-hindered suspension travel and steering function. Backspace and wheel offset dimensions have been strategically developed to reduce scrub radius, improving all-around handling and ride quality. The ICON Alloys Compass has also been strength tested to yield a 2,750lb load rating - making it one of the strongest wheel options on the market. With build features such as these, it's clear that a set of ICON Alloys Compass wheels is the perfect complement to an ICON Vehicle Dynamics suspension system.

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