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GRID EXL is a truly unique exposed lug mesh wheel design. Shown here in original / standard center profile with a step lip rim for a tradional look and weight reduction.
Each wheel is precisely CNC machined from forged billet aluminum for lightweight strength, refined style, and meticulously hand finished to the highest level possible.
Because Schott Wheels are custom made, back-space / offset choices are available in 1/8 inch increments, and brake clearance choices in 1/8 inch increments too. This high detail flexibility optimizes spoke to caliper clearance around any brake system your Restomod, Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Truck or custom project is equipped with, providing an ideal fit, while preserving maximum wheel depth.
American Made Quality, by Design!

You're reviewing: Schott Grid eXL step-lip


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You're reviewing: SCHOTT GRID EXL STEP-LIP

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