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Redbourne Kensington

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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
2210KEN355120B72 GLOSS BLACK 22 10 5x120 35 Our Price: $608
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2210KEN355120G72 GLOSS GUNMETAL 22 10 5x120 35 Our Price: $608
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2410KEN355120B72 GLOSS BLACK 24 10 5x120 35 Our Price: $754
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2410KEN355120G72 GLOSS GUNMETAL 24 10 5x120 35 Our Price: $754
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The Redbourne Kensington is the ultimate wheel for Land Rover enthusiast looking to enhance the powerful dramatic look of their already beautiful British machines. Kensington features a new innovative pass through barrel design from Redbourne that simulates a forged reverse barrel mounted look. The benefits of this feature keeps TPMS with proper valve stem mounting while visually elongating the wheels ten sleek spokes creating a very dynamic look as if the wheel is floating on the tire. Kensington is available in 22in and 24in sizes in Gloss Black and Gloss Gunmetal.

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