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Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires LTX A/S Tires

Part Number Size Wall Speed Type Index Price
05107 p275/65r18 BW 0 Call Request Quote
05107.1 P275/65R18 BW T P 114 Call Request Quote
54016 p265/60r18 outlined raised whit 0 Call Request Quote
59101 p255/65r17 outlined raised whit 0 Call Request Quote
64360 p255/70r18 outlined raised blac 0 Call Request Quote

The Michelin LTX A/S tire is a strong, durable, and fuel-efficient choice for drivers of pickups and SUVs. Built with two steel belts for dependable strength and puncture resistance (a third is added for extra load carrying capacity in load ranges D and E), the LTX A/S is a dependable workhorse with long treadlife. Constructed with a fuel-efficient shape and tread compounds that reduce friction as the tire rolls, saving the driver money on fuel.

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You're reviewing: MICHELIN TIRES LTX A/S

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