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Moto Metal

Moto Metal MO988 Melee

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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
MO98821267344N GLOSS BLACK MILLED 20 12 6x135 6x139.7 -44 Call Request Quote
MO98822035218N CHROME 22 10 5x127 5x139.7 -18 Call Request Quote
MO98822080218N CHROME 22 10 8x165.1 -18 Our Price: $471
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Speak softly and carry a big stick. With a bold, swept eight-spoke design the Melee has a muscular elegance and simplicity. Crisp, sharp angles show you aren't messing around. Join the fray with this strong, iconic look in both Black Gloss Milled or Chrome. Make it more your style with the removable center cap logo.

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You're reviewing: MOTO METAL MO988 MELEE

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