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U.S. Wheel

U.S. Wheel Mopar Rallye (Series 619)

Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
619-8812 POWDER COAT & MACHINE 17 8 5x4.5 -6 Call Request Quote
619-8912 POWDER COAT & MACHINE 17 9 5x4.5 0 Call Request Quote

Construction: Cast Aluminum. Finish: Powder Coated, Silver with Machined Finish and Clear Coat. Wheel accepts original OE cap. Lug nuts and center cap not included. Please check proper fitment before mounting.

You're reviewing: U.S. Wheel Mopar Rallye (Series 619)


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You're reviewing: U.S. WHEEL MOPAR RALLYE (SERIES 619)

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