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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
2095RDB325120M72L MATTE BLACK 20 9.50 5x120 32 Price: $362(ea)
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2095RDB325120M72R MATTE BLACK 20 9.50 5x120 32 Price: $362(ea)
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2210RDB375120M72L MATTE BLACK 22 10 5x120 37 Price: $411(ea)
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Among even the distinguished Redbourne family of Range Rover rims, the Noble is unique. Its 10-split spokes are swept back, as if in motion. Accordingly, these are the only Range Rover wheels we produce in different versions for left and right side applications. Like many high performance tires today, then, Noble is a “directional” wheel. As revolutionary (pun intended) as the design is, Noble wheels are equally exceptional in each of the six dramatic finishes, all selected to enhance the design’s innate sense of movement.

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