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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Lip Price
VEN 229-6009-30 GB Gloss Black 22 9 6x135 6x139.7 30 0 Call Request Quote
VEN 290-6009-30 GB Gloss Black 20 9 6x135 6x139.7 30 0 Call Request Quote

The Vöxx Vento is a solid 10 spoke style wheel with each spoke rolling into the lip of the wheel for an even larger appearance. The Vento is built in popular 17 thru 22-inch truck and SUV sizes in a Gloss Black with Dark Tint Face or Gloss Black. It comes with a snap-in center cap featuring the Vöxx brand logo. If you want to transform your ordinary truck or SUV into something extraordinary, check out the Vento by Vöxx.

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You're reviewing: VOXX ROAD WHEEL VENTO

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